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What is Change Management? By Matthew Coppola

What is change management and why is it of benefit to your organisation?

Change management is a planned way of aligning people, organisations and processes from their current state to the ideal. Change is inevitable and must occur so organisations do not remain stagnant and continue pursuing the same activities all the time.

Increasing competition, government regulations and growing market forces spur change and the need to address these matters in business change is greater than ever.

Organisations must be capable of effecting change in order to succeed in the future.

What types of developments can be facilitated through change management?

  1. New product development

  2. Mergers and acquisitions

  3. Management changeover

  4. Cost-cutting & Staff reductions

  5. Employee resistances to change

  6. Deployment of new technologies

  7. Changes to business processes

Our skilled change managers will work alongside your management and staff to put into action business changes successfully, so your organisation remains constant and unwavering, ready to tackle the competition in a state of improved efficiency and superior abilities.

Contact us for a free consultation with one of our consultants today.

The following developments can be facilitated by our change management specialists:

New product development

Starting a new production line? Changing or removing products from a production line? Our change management specialists can facilitate this activity, ensuring products are adopted into the market smoothly, making certain that your organisation will cope with the change.

Mergers and acquisitions

Engaging in a merger with another company or acquiring other businesses? All levels of your company from bottom up, including management, staff and support systems will be affected in some way or another. Our change management specialists will align your staff and processes to meet the changes brought with a merger or acquisition.

Management changeover

A changeover of management in your company will likely bring new ideas, values, visions, processes and different ways of doing things. Our change specialists will guide your staff through the change, so they will be perfectly settled in with the new management arrangement.

Cost-cutting & Staff reductions

Organisations engaging in cost cutting and staff reductions experience a loss of employee morale and fear of loss of job among staff members, which results in less productive and unhappy workers. We can help by dampening the negative effect of job cutting throughout the whole organisation.

Employee resistances to change

Your employees may be happier doing the same things and will therefore resist or ignore any changes in your organisation. Our consultants can assist by facilitating in stages, the adoption of changes throughout all levels of your organisation.

Deployment of new technologies

The deployment of new technologies requires training and effective transition among all levels of your organisation. Our change managers are skilled in ensuring a smooth adoption of new technology in your organisation.

Changes to business processes

Our change management specialists can guide your staff and management to changes in your organisations business processes.

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