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What does it mean to be 'over-qualified'

Have you ever heard a prospective employer or a recruiter say that they feel you may be ‘overqualified’ for this position?

Well yes, most likely you have heard this be said to you or someone else.

Generally speaking, to be overqualified means that you have more education than that is needed or required for this position. Or if they say that you are ‘over-experienced’ essential, it means that they feel you have more experience and even possible that you have more significant, higher level experience.

After reviewing your resume and cover letter, the employer may think that with your greater qualifications and experience, that you may get bored and restless in the role or eventually soon leave for a better position.

Or they may only want someone who they can train up and professionally develop. By hiring someone more qualified than is needed or more experienced, it may prove harder for the candidate to be trained and become experienced with their company.


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