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What Can You Do With a Capability Statement?

A capability statement can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  1. Marketing and Sales: It helps a company to promote its products and services to potential clients and customers, highlighting its unique strengths and capabilities.

  2. Bidding and Proposal Writing: It is often used by companies to support their bids and proposals, demonstrating their qualifications and expertise in a specific area.

  3. Networking and Partnering: It can be used to build relationships and partnerships with other companies, showcasing the company's strengths and capabilities.

  4. Government Contracting: It is a requirement for companies seeking to do business with the government, as it provides evidence of the company's qualifications and ability to perform work under government contracts.

  5. Company Image and Branding: It helps to establish a company's image and brand, showcasing its commitment to quality and customer service.



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