What can I say if I am asked if I have any questions at an inteview?




For many, this is the dreaded question that they fear being asked near the end of the interview. But it doesn’t have to be a difficult one to ask.

A good suggestion though would be to avoid asking about moving up or into another position that they may feel you perceive as being better or a step up. The last thing you want to do is to make the interviewer think that this isn’t the position you want or you have your sights set early for a far more significant role.

Listen intently to what is being asked through the interview process. Either take a mental note of something interesting they said that you would like to know more about or ask a question about.

Some interviewees will bring in a small notepad and a pen in the one hand to take notes about the role. If you find yourself forgetful due to nerves, this may be a good idea to write down anything you want to ask by the end of the interview, or one word with a question mark to help jog your memory.


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