Using the STAR method in addressing the Key Selection Criteria, by Matthew Coppola

More and more jobs these days request applicants to submit not only their current CV and a covering letter, but also another letter to address the key selection criteria (KSC). The KSC is made up of a series of questions or statements that relate to the requirements of the position and then you need to address each criteria with at least 1-2 paragraphs of how your skills, experience, abilities and knowledge meet their requirement/s. The number of KSC “criterions” vary from position to position, however generally there will be 6 – 8 criteria that need to be addressed.

Many public service, community and health organisations request a KSC to be addressed, but these days as the number of job seekers looking for work increases, and the competition in the labour market increases, many private businesses and corporations are attaching at KSC to their advertised positions.

If you come across a key selection criteria for a job and you are really stuck as to how to answer each criterion, then I welcome you to utilise a professional service. Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions offer a service where they address the key selection criteria for you.

The STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) format is a technique you can use to assist in addressing each criteria.

The first part of your answer should be a selling statement like “I possess excellent communication skills….and I am….

Then you back that up with an example by using the STAR method:

Situation – Present a recent example/challenge/issue/achievement you were in and briefly explain the context

Task – What did you need to do or trying to accomplish?

Action – What exactly did you end up doing, if it was in steps, list these

Result – What was the outcome? If positive, explain benefits/value, if negative, explain what your resolution was.


Author: Matthew Coppola

Careers Advisor, Employment Specialist & Resume Writing Expert.

With over 7 years’ experience in Recruitment, Employment Services and Corporate Training, Matthew has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in resume writing, interview skills, job searching strategies, selection criteria writing and career planning. 

His approach to resume writing is to actually sell the individual, shine a light on their best qualities and powerfully market them to prospective employers. 

Matthew holds a Graduate Certificate in Career Education and Development and a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Economics.

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