The best way to market yourself to an employer

We may be asking ourselves every time we are about to do an interview or write a CV; how best can I market myself to an employer and show them that I have the skills that they need to perform the required duties?

Employers are interested in what you have to offer them and are looking for a justifiable reason to invest in you. Here is some step that can help you market yourself better.

The first step is to work out precisely what kind of requirements are needed for the position. A majority of job advertisements today will list these. You should at least try and meet the criteria for 90% of those requirements, but of course, circumstances vary.

Next step is to know what it is you have to offer to meet those requirements. Think about all the transferrable skills and relevant experience you have developed throughout your working life, together with the skills gained from your studies.

Work experience/voluntary work and undertaking courses and education are great ways you can develop some valuable skills and knowledge you can put on your resume.

The final step is to match your skills and experience with the requirements of the position.

Make sure most of these are explained in your cover letter and highlighted in your CV.

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