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Is it Essential to Have a Professionally Written and Designed Resume? By Matthew Coppola

When an employer is going through the decision process and deciding whether or not they should offer you the job, your resume assists them to make an informed choice. Sending a cover letter along with your CV gives you a more personalised touch for the position, by answering the requirements of the position as specified in the job advertisement.

A resume is what helps you with getting your next opportunity.

Recruitment agents or employers could only devote 3 minutes or less reading through your resume, so first impressions are important.

You would want to ensure the resume jumps out at them, stands out from the rest and is informative and applicable to the employer’s requests so that it inspires them to select you for an interview.

When your resume is professionally written it helps with endorsing your career experience, knowledge and skills and assists in selling you to the company.

Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions is an Australian based business that assists with CV/Resume writing, addressing key selection criteria and covering letters to help you with give your best foot forward to an employer.

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