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How to HANDLE NERVES in a job interview

As an interview skills coach, people often ask me how they can deal with their nerves during a job interview.

They feel that they get so nervous and flustered that they forget what to say, have a 'mental blank', and end up either saying something brief and short or talking extensively around the question.

Then, they feel what they have said isn't right and start questioning what the prospective employer will think of them.

Has this ever happened to you?

Below is a list of my suggestions on how you may be able to better cope with those nerves during the interview:

  1. Have an introduction to your response, finishing it with a concluding remark.

  2. If you have a glass of water before you, take regular sips before responding.

  3. Slow down your responses - don't feel you need to rush your answer.

  4. Emphasise specific points, then take a pause - this helps buy you some breathing space and will also encourage them to meditate and digest what you are saying and trying to get across.

  5. Thoroughly prepare, prepare, and prepare for your interview beforehand.

  6. Get an early night's rest before the day of your interview.

  7. Arrive early at the employer's location and take the time to sit down and relax.

  8. Read through the job description before your interview and think about how your skills and experience match their requirements. By having a good understanding of what they are after, you will hopefully feel more confident in yourself and less surprised when you ask questions.


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