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How many years of experience should be in a resume?

For a resume, you’ll only need to include no more than 10-15 years’ worth of employment history. You don’t have to include every job that you have ever done, especially if it is not relevant to the positions you are applying for.

There are a few reasons as to why it is best to keep your experience limited on your resume.

In many industries, providing experiences that date back more than 15 years isn’t helpful for the HR Manager. The experience you are sharing may be irrelevant with the tools and technology of today, and it won’t support your candidacy. Listing too many years of history may also flag you as an older applicant to employers.

As employers today are time-limited, keeping your resume simple with your employment history is not a bad thing as the hiring manager is more inclined to read the resume and what you have to offer with your experience.

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