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How long should my responses be in addressing key selection criteria?

It’s a good idea for the response to be about 2 solid paragraphs, of about less than half a page long. Think about the person who has to read your responses to each of the key selection criteria (and there may be up to 15 to address) and how long it has to take for them to read through your responses, with another 5 or 10 applications to go through after.

You don’t want to put the employer off your application.

You want to encourage them to continue reading and vie for their attention. Every sentence must be easy to read and understand. Most important of all, it must accurately address the criteria and if the criteria has two parts to it, it should at least address all 2 parts as best as you can.

Most jobs these days have a set of key selection criteria to address and it helps the employer to sift out those applicant whom may not be really interested in the role or if they are genuinely suitable for the role, will actually take the time to complete the required criteria.

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