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How detailed should your resume be? By Matthew Coppola

Put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes. Remember that when they advertise a position, you can pretty much guarantee more than 100 resumes will come flying through their inbox.

Some good, some not so good.

There will be a large portion of people applying for the job who are either not qualified for the position, are too qualified. If they are qualified to do the job they either send in a resume that does not sell them as it should and it isn’t easy to read or structured well. Then you get the few CV’s that are exceptional, detailed and relevant . These individuals are the ones who get the first pick.

Therefore in knowing this, your resume should be well detailed but at the same time it must be structured professionally, well presented, neat and easy to read. Increase the quality and conciseness of each paragraph (eg. key achievements) and decrease the quantity of information to a suitable level.

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