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Dealing with uninformative job descriptions when addressing selection criteria, by Matthew Coppola

Do you need to address a set of key selection criteria for a specific role? Contact the team at Client Centric, the specialists in writing selection criteria.

For many, addressing key selection criteria is already a challenge enough in itself. Writing out lengthy responses to secure an interview and be considered for the role does take time and energy.

Which further makes it difficult when you are dealing with a job description that is not informative, clear or straightforward. So the question you ask then is what I should do with an uninformative job description?

My suggestion is that you first work with what you have. Draw out as much as you can from the job description, however light on information it may be. Secondly, you may choose to contact the person listed in charge of the role and ask them more about what is involved, taking notes in doing so. Thirdly, you may choose to resort to looking at other job descriptions for similar roles.

Whether you’re in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra, Brisbane or the Gold Coast, if you need to apply for a job that asks you to address selection criteria, then contact Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions, the experts in writing selection criteria.

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