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Civil vs Structural Engineering


Are you wondering whether to hire a civil or structural engineer? Actually, you’ll need both of them! They work together at a construction site, although they have very different roles. While the job of a civil engineer is to do the planning and designing, the structural engineer needs to make sure that all the structures are strong, durable and crafted from quality materials. In other words, structural engineering is simply a branch of civil engineering. But let’s go into finer details and explain the process of building infrastructures and the difference between various types of engineering services.

The 6 Steps of Creating an Infrastructure

From drawing a plan to fabrication and CNC machining, Perth infrastructure projects involve a large number of professionals working on the construction site. The six key steps of creating most infrastructures include:

  1. Design and planning

  2. Geotechnical and earthworks

  3. Sub-structure and superstructure

  4. Drainage and utilities

  5. Finishing…

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