Answering the interview question: What are your weaknesses?




During a job interview, a typical question that will be asked of interviewees is:

What are your weaknesses?

The candidate's response to this question provides the interviewer with an insight into the shortfalls of that individual.

Any employer will tell you that no employee is perfect. We all have our faults. We are all weak in some area. Weaknesses are areas where you come up short. You need to improve on that area and so it's typically considered a weakness.

As opposed to something which is a candidate's strength, a weakness is something that you are not good at.

When responding to this question, mention a weakness of yours that has been brought up in the past, perhaps during performance meetings. Even if it is minor. And then let the interviewer know what you have done to improve and work on that weakness.

Some individuals genuinely don't have any weaknesses that they display at work. If that truly is the case, then perhaps mention about something that you would like to get better at doing, that may not be a weakness, but not your greatest strength.

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