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Answering the interview question: “How did you get your last position?” By Matthew Coppo

This is a very common question that always tends to come up and often, we can find ourselves unprepared.

Even though this is a small, but straight forward question, an employer, will ask this question because it gives them an understanding of countless different areas.

It helps them to visualise your job search process and what you do to find work and secure employment.

You can interpret this question in two different ways and need to ensure you cover all areas:

Firstly, you need to address how you found your last job, whether if it was through a recruitment agency, head-hunted, etc.

Secondly, you need to address how you got the job – how you persuaded your current employer that you were the best person for the position. A career is a pathway, a measure of your success in your field of expertise. It’s viewed differently to ‘a job’. A job is something that is more of a means to an end. A task/activity/project that needs to be performed. A career is something more, it can be multiple jobs but on the same path to maybe a promotion or greater industry expertise and skill level to the point that you are possibly leading others.

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