5 Tips to Run a Group Interview Effectively

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Group interviews serve a very useful purpose, in that they enable the employer to meet and interview one-by-one a group of candidates all in one go.

Doing so saves time. It also makes it easier to fill multiple positions at once when you have a large group to interview in a span of a couple of hours.

Here are my suggestions on how you can run a group interview effectively:

  1. Have a set structure as to what will occur on the day and stick to it. You may decide to spend the first 10 minutes introducing yourself, then conduct a role-play game to see how the candidates work together among themselves, after which you then conduct one-on-one interviews.

  2. Be prepared to adjust accordingly and adapt as the day unfolds. Further on to tip #1, be mindful that not all the candidates may turn up. Instead of 10 candidates turning up on the day, only 3 arrive. In such instance, you've got to be able to change it up and review what you had planned for the day.

  3. Make is light hearted and relaxed. It's crucial to ensure that the candidates feel absolutely at ease and comfortable.

  4. Remind the candidates the day before about their interview and explain what they should expect to happen. Make it clear to the candidates that they are not all vying for the one job. If they feel that way and think that, it's unlikely they'll show up. Make sure they are prepared, reminded and ready.

  5. Ask the candidates how they are feeling, what their thoughts are and if they have any questions. Further to tip #4, it's crucial that candidates feel at ease and not disturbed by seeing the other candidates in attendance.