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5 Reasons Why Some Graduates Don’t Always Get Noticed By Employers

Have you ever heard a graduate say to you that they don’t want to get noticed by an employer? That’s right, never.

If they searching for work, then every graduate will want to get noticed by a prospective employer. They want to be heard and known. They want to stand out in an ultra-competitive world where there are so few jobs but so many graduates applying.

There are many reasons why some graduates don’t get noticed by a prospective employer. However, I have 5 main reasons that I think may be the case:

1. The graduate’s CV and cover letter do not properly market and promote their full range of skills and experience as well as it should.

2. The graduate’s interview skills are minimal. They don’t know how to respond well to questions asked of them in an interview.

3. The graduate does not bother to address the key selection criteria if that is asked as part of their application for a gradate role.

4. The graduate is not applying for enough graduate roles and may even be applying for roles that are too high level.

5. The industry/sector that the graduate is trying to apply for a role in is small and there may be only so many jobs available with many candidates applying for work.

If you have recently graduated and find that you are struggling to secure interviews, there is help available. Australian-based business Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions can equip you with a professionally written and tailored CV and cover letter that will be written in a way to promote and highlight your transferable skills, knowledge and past work experience (however irrelevant it may or may not be to your chosen field).

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