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How long should a selection criteria response by?

For many, the task of writing out a response to a key selection criterion can be very daunting. Many feel that by writing many words and a lengthy response that they will have a higher chance of being shortlisted for the position.

But is that true? Maybe.

Either way, actually taking the initiative to adequately and fully address each key selection criterion may make an impression upon the employer. Essentially it says to them that you not only want the job, but you know you can perform it and are willing to sacrifice time (without any guarantee of securing an interview or hearing back) to write out an application to them.

Generally speaking, a response to key selection criteria should be maximum half-a-page long. This is being mindful of the reader’s time. And if there are six or more criteria that you have to address, that is a lot of reading on the employers/recruiters part.

An example of a typical response to a key selection criterion can be viewed by clicking on the below link:


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