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What does it mean to show a lack of confidence at an interview?

Confidence can be defined as the feeling we have about ourselves or someone else that something can be accomplished. Naturally becoming a so called ‘confident person’ is not something that necessarily happens overnight. But developing a level of confidence on a particular area, topic or matter can happen sooner with practice. It is common for an employer to mention that a job seeker lacked confidence during their interview. But what does that really mean? Signs that an interviewee is lacking confidence include twitching, speaking quietly and even by talking too much. The best way to show confidence during an interview is to practice first beforehand by doing a couple mock interviews with a friend or family member, focusing on your strengths, what you have to offer, why you want the job and areas where you feel you add value and can contribute in the role. It is natural to be nervous and that can sometimes make us feel less confident!.

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