• Matthew Coppola

How important is a well written CV in the process of applying for jobs?

When a warrior would go out into battle, the most important item that they would bring was their sword. A sharp sword that was long and capable of proving useful on the battlefield. The same goes for when applying for jobs. The two most important tools that you have in applying for jobs is your CV and Covering Letter. A well written, tailored and structured CV along with a personalised covering letter that addresses the requirements of the position can have a substantial impact on the results obtained from applying for relevant jobs. You only have a few minutes to grab the attention of the prospective employer, hence why it is vital to have a resume that stands out. Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions is a boutique employment services firm that specialises in writing professional and tailored CV's to market the skills and experience of job seekers to employers.

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We create solutions for jobseekers and businesses to get ahead and stand out in an ultra-competitive world.


Email us at info@clientcentric.com.au or call us on 1300 612 665.

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