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What are the reasons behind an employer saying no to my application? By Matthew Coppola

It happens all the time. We apply for a job, or be it a number of jobs at that, only to receive that email from the prospective employer saying that our application was successful. Or we attended an interview or a number of consecutive interviews only to be called up and told that we were unsuccessful. Does this sound familiar? Or have you ever spoke to friends and family about your endeavors in finding work that they end up putting your name in front of some with connections to the family. But later after the person interviewed you informally, ends up telling you that they will not be hiring you.

The feelings that arise in ourselves are feelings of despair, resentment and sometimes, anger. In the end, we ask ourselves the question:

What are the reasons behind an employer saying no to my application?

Now there are many, many reasons as to why an employer has said no to your application. You need to put yourself in the employer's shoes. Remember that they have a business to run. There is an opportunity cost to hiring someone. They could save that money for advertising, pay someone else to do the job or not hire at all and save money for themselves. They may have a particular idea in their mind of what the ideal candidate is. And those attributes may not necessarily fit what you bring. They may also feel that if they hire you, it will set you up for failure because you really do not meet the inherent requirements of the job.

So never feel bad and blame yourself for your application being rejected. The employer will have their reasons. It is a lot easier for them to turn down your application then go through all the heartache and feelings of guild and anxiety if they hire you and things don't work out.

Author: Matthew Coppola, Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions.

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