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Why it's important to thoroughly read the position description, by Matthew Coppola

Most jobs that are advertised by companies large enough to hire more than 10 staff will come with a position description or otherwise known by the acronym 'PD' in human resources language. The PD will include a range or information for the applicant, including information about the company, their policies and etiquette and details about the job including statement of duties and key responsibilities. The PD may even come with a "Key Selection Criteria" that needs to be addressed as a separate document along with your resume and covering letter in the application.

It is very important that you take the time to read over the position description and thoroughly understand exactly what the job will involve and how it fits in with the overall goals and mission of the organisation/firm. Read over the key duties and responsibilities, think about whether or not you have actually performed the duties or something similar. If you have not performed one or more of the job duties, think about what transferable skills/abilities you have that you could use to justify that you can perform the required task/s.

For PD's with a key selection criteria, read over each criteria/statement and make sure that you understand what they are asking from you. If you properly understand the criteria/s, you will be able to answer them as effectively as possible. If you really don't understand/interpret the selection criteria, you may wish to contact the nominated person on the PD or better yet, seek the services of a professional who will answer the key selection criteria for you with high quality responses. Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions offer a profession selection criteria writing service and you can visit their page by clicking here.

The better understanding you have about the job and what is involved, the better you will be equipped and prepared to answer questions in the interview and be able to ascertain yourself as someone who is well equipped to do the job!


Author: Matthew Coppola

BComm(Econs), GradCert (CE&D)

Careers Advisor, Employment Specialist & Resume Writing Expert. With over 7 years’ experience in Recruitment, Employment Services and Corporate Training, Matthew has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in resume writing, interview skills, job searching strategies, selection criteria writing and career planning. His approach to resume writing is to actually sell the individual, shine a light on their best qualities and powerfully market them to prospective employers. Matthew holds a Graduate Certificate in Career Education and Development and a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Economics.

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