Why Working is Good for You by Matthew Coppola

To all of us, to work is just part of normal, every day life. Now what exactly do I mean by work? Well it can involve secular work like typical 9-5 at the office slugging away on the computer, or it could be labouring work, such as laying bricks. To work is to get something done, to be actively engaged in something, as opposed to not working. You see many associate the work with a big frown, they start thinking about secular work. But work can mean anything, from cleaning the house, picking up the kids from school during peak hour, trying to rebuild a broken marriage, cleaning out the cat litter, etc. these activities involve work. If you want to rebuild your marriage, well what does it take? Exactly. Work.

Many marriages fail because either or both partners are not working on it, same as why a house is not built on time, because the work is not being done, either properly or at all. So why is working good for you? Well firstly it builds up your self esteem. Makes you part of the community, makes you feel valued and gives you a sense of identity. Secondly, it gives you structure to the day. For example, you might work part time or full time, you know that from 9am - 5pm you will be working. Thirdly, if it is paid secular work, it gives you money to buy the things you need and want to live and enjoy a good standard of living. But most importantly, work is good for you because it gets things done.

Think about it, if a couple didnt work to build there relationship, do you think they would still be together? Also, if you didnt work at cleaning the house, would you be able to enjoy a clean and healthy atmosphere in your home for both you and your family? Well obviously not.

So next time you have work to do, just do. It may actually be in your best interest to work at whatever it is your doing.