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What is an employer looking for when they read my resume?

Updated: Apr 30

When an employer or a recruiter reviews your resume and cover letter, they are essentially screening your application to determine whether or not you meet their business’ needs and job criteria and if so, whether they will invite you in for an interview or not. If it is one of the first few applications that have come through, they most likely will take more time to read your application, but less time most likely if they have many applicants vying for the position.

There is a great article about how to deal with having a lack of industry experience that you may find to be a useful read.

It, therefore, makes sense to put in an application early. But even if your application isn’t submitted first, it is essential to make sure the documents are easy to read. That is, the cover letter is tailored and the resume markets effectively your full range of skills and experience relevant for the position.


Would you like to have your resume and cover letter to be professionally designed and written when applying for work?

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