Frequently Asked Questions


We have listed below all the most common queries our clients have. Whenever someone asks us a new question, whether by phone, by email or by post, we make a note of it and ensure the answer appears here to help other clients in the future. Simply click on a question below to be taken to the answer. If you can't find an answer to your query then please don't hesitate to contact us.









How long will I expect to recieve my new resume & cover letter?


Our turnaround time is approximately 2-5 working days depending on the level of work involved and the service requested.  Should you require your work earlier than this time frame, please mention this when making contact and we will advise you of our work in progress times at that present moment. An additional fee of $100 will apply for rapid turnaround.




I have very little formal qualifications, does that matter?


It does not matter if you have little formal qualifications. When writing your resume we will concentrate on the experience you have and skills derived from that experience. We will also ask if you did any internal training at your past employers which we would then use under education and training.




How do I pay for your service and will I recieve a tax reciept?


Payment must be made upfront to secure your confirmation. Upon confirmation of payment we will send you a sales reciept for your tax records.




What if I am unsure what career direction to take?


As part of our service, we provide career advice and labour market information specific to your skills set and experience, we then provide a list of options for you to consider. Soon we will be offering career guidance services too in the near future. 




What if I do not have any good referees?


Majority of the time we will put references down under "available upon request" however we are happy to use character referees as well as referees from former managers/supervisors - those in direct management of you. If you do not have any referees, we will give you advice on what to say to the employer in the interview. 



What if I am unhappy with the first draft and want changes?


The fees that we quote only include up to 2 revisions of the first draft sent to you, according to your original requirement initially. Revisions need to be confirmed within 2 weeks since the first draft was delivered to you. Should you require any additional revisions, this will incur an additional fee of $35 per revision.


There are many contributing causes which determine the outcome of an interview and the probability of a candidate being shortlisted for a job. Therefore we do not provide any promises that you will secure a job as a consequence of pursuing our writing services.


I have over 20 years experience, will you condense my resume?


Yes we will condense your resume and most likely if you do have many years of experience, we will prove a career summary on your resume that the employer can read to see a snapshop of your career history., Then under "Employment History" we will most likely limit it to 10 years of employment.