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Capability Statements

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What this includes:

Includes an initial consultation and information retrieval, the design, layout and structure of your statement, as well as 1 iStock image per page and a review to make required changes.

At a minimum, a 4-page capability statement will include:

- Front page (image, logo and caption)

- About your company

- Description/summary of services/products

- End page (image, logo, caption, contact)

A longer statement will include the following details, and we suggest a halft-to-a-page for each point:

  • Full image page with marketing caption

  • What sets the company apart

  • Our social responsibility

  • Our partnerships

  • Our organisational structure and management

  • Past and current clientele with testimonials

  • Awards and accreditations

  • Past and current projects

  • Commitment to safety management

  • Commitment to quality assurance and standardisation

  • Plant and Equipment

  • Contents list

  • Governances and risk management practices

Please note that the more extensive your services and products are, the more pages will be require so that the statement does not look cramped.

Please note that we cannot make up information. We rely on content to be provided to work with in building your statement. New content that we come up with will include marketing spiels and some copywriting/wordsmithing.

LinkedIn for Business

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One Individual Profile and One Company Page with a Showcase Page

$380.00(Incl. GST)

What this includes:

We will create and write up one (1) individual LinkedIn profile for a staff member and (1) company page with an additional showcase page.

The individual profile will include:

  • Summary and profile description

  • Full skills list

  • Experience outlined with key responsibilities/achievements

  • Any projects listed

  • Relevant imagery and links to past work/employers

  • Education details 

  • Groups and companies followed

  • Contact information

  • Volunteer experiences

  • Certifications and awards

  • Courses completed

  • Your first post

The business profile will include:

  • Industry

  • Business size

  • Website URL

  • Description

  • Logo

  • Street Address

  • Custom button

  • Your first post

  • Hashtags

  • Showcase page to a primary service offering