Career Readiness


Teaching students and graduates how to write a resume, tailor their cover letter, correctly apply for work and confidently handle job interviews.

For Students

and Graduates.

Get Ready, Set, 


It's finally here — essential training to help our future generations acquire the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to apply for work.


We're offering simple, straight-forward and easy-to-follow one-hour job readiness workshops designed to teach students and graduates how to make their first break into the workforce. It's vital instruction that every participant will have for a lifetime. And it's here.

Workshops delivered on-site for students and graduates of all ages at schools, TAFE's and universities. 

What they'll


How to write a resume
from start to finish.
How to write a career goal.
How to tailor a cover letter for a specific job.
How to apply for jobs online.
How to cold call employers.
How to set up online job profiles - Seek and Indeed.
How to handle common interview questions.

How it will

be delivered


The session will be face-to-face and can be delivered on-site at your preferred location.

All the trainer will require is a desk and a screen/projector to deliver the training.

What will

be provided

Resources: Digital templates and worksheets

How long it

will go for

Duration: 1 hour


Matthew Coppola knows how vital it is to equip students and graduates with the tools they need to secure employment. With his many years of experience writing job applications and coaching professionals in the art of interviewing, Matthew is now imparting his expertise to empower young people and help them get started.


His qualifications include a Bachelor of Commerce and a Graduate Certificate in Career Education and Development. Matthew's approach to coaching and training young people is by being patient, engaging, fun and straight forward. 




Teaches applying for work 101: How to search for jobs, set up online profiles, write a resume, tailor a cover letter and answer common interview questions.

Learn vital skills that will last for a lifetime.

Give your students

the headstart that they deserve.

Career readiness means that students are ready to enter the workforce because they know what skills they have to offer and what kind of jobs they can do.

Career readiness skills include writing a good CV, tailoring a cover letter, searching correctly for jobs, applying for work confidently, and handling common interview questions.

There are many reasons why it's so crucial for students and graduates to be career-ready. The jobs market is tough, and it's competitive. It's so important to stand out, make an impression and apply for the right jobs.


For these very reasons, the team at ClientCentric have put together a comprehensive and short program to equip students with vital career readiness skills delivered in a format that's easy to follow, straight forward and not too long.


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